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These bamboo coffee cups are  a great eco friendly choice if you are looking to swap out your throwaway coffee cups and go reusable.

These cups are made from bamboo,  they make the perfect addition to an eco friendly life.

The biodegradable coffee cups are made from bamboo fibre and come in beautiful floral designs.

Secure screw-on bamboo fibre lid.
Spout lid (like a takeaway cup).
Silicone sleeve to protect hands against hot liquids.
Easy to clean, all silicone parts and seals are removable for an easy wash.
The sleeve and lid seals are made from silicone which is recyclable and can be disposed of via curbside recycling.
They will biodegrade in 2 years (compared to plastic which can take between 450-1000 years).

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Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Dark Gray, Orange


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